Osakan Space: Comfortable Coworking Space Hub in Honmachi, Central Osaka

Osakan Space is comfortable coworking space hub in Honmachi, Central Osaka

Thank you for your interest in Japan, Osaka, and Osakan Space. We welcome new members from overseas. We encourage both Japanese members and people from various cultures and countries around the world to participate in the community, especially on a long-term basis.

Osakan Space is a friendly coworking space equipped with power outlets, high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable chairs, soundproof private rooms, a water server, and other amenities for a pleasant working environment.

Affordable Prices

Drop-in One day use(10:00~18:00)Monday to Friday

  • 2hrs : 1,100 yen
  • a day : 2,200 yen

Degital Nomad Plan (7:00~24:00)Monday to Saturday

It would be helpful if you could contact us in advance on the day of your initial registration. On the day of registration, please bring your passport and the usage fee in cash. Credit card payments are not accepted for this plan.Include Botchi-Box use ,a soundproof room for web meetings. (Note: approximately 2 hours per week) For more details about the Botchi-Box, please click here (Japanese page).

  • 2 weeks : 13,200yen
  • 4 weeks : 16,500yen
    ※If you continue without interruption, the discounted price of 14,300 yen will apply.

※Payment can be made in cash or pay-pay.
※If your remote work schedule or company’s time difference requires you to use the space beyond 24:00 (midnight), please consult with us when registering for membership.
※On Sundays and Japanese national holidays, we may host private events. On days without private events, you can use the space as usual.
※From 7 AM to 8 AM and after 8 PM, please use the side entrance as the main entrance will be closed.
※Once you have completed your initial registration, you can use the space freely without the need for reservations.
※This fee is only offered to travelers, not to residents in the Kansai area.

To access the reservation form, click here
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us using our contact form here.
If you are a resident of Japan, you can also take advantage of our plans designed for locals.

Conveniently Located

Osakan Space is located in the heart of Osaka’s business district, near “Hommachi Station.” The closest station is Hommachi Station on the Midosuji Line. Osakan Space is also within a 5-10 minute walk from Hommachi Station on the Yotsubashi and Chuo Lines, Sakaisuji Hommachi Station on the Sakaisuji Line, and Yodoyabashi Station on the Keihan Line.(Google Map)

Fostering a Welcoming and Supportive Environment 

Our primary focus is on creating a warm and welcoming environment where users can build relationships with each other, just like colleagues, friends, or family. We provide a space where digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers can gather, learn, grow, and form a supportive community.

Many users from abroad, especially digital nomads, visit Osakan Space. They engage in international exchanges by discussing business and technology, going out for lunch or dinner, and enjoying drinks together at the bar counter in Osakan Space.

Once a month, a member networking event is held, which also serves as a welcome party for new members. The event includes pitches and a potluck dinner.

In addition to member networking events, Osakan Space and its members organize monthly bar events, cherry blossom viewing, and study sessions on various themes.

Topics such as technology, business, culture, anime, manga, games, movies, travel, food, diving, and the ocean often liven up conversations, and online interactions through social media and chat are also popular. These online interactions continue even after leaving Osakan Space, and there have been numerous experiences of visiting the countries of our international members and having reunions.

Don’t worry if you can’t speak Japanese. Many staff and members speak English, and we use translation apps and AI to communicate with members who don’t speak Japanese. We also make an effort to use simple Japanese when interacting with Japanese language learners.

Even if the timing doesn’t align with events, everyone loves going to delicious restaurants. We invite you to join us for lunch or dinner, and feel free to invite us as well. There are many tasty restaurants nearby, with lunch costing around ¥1,000 and dinner ranging from ¥3,000 to ¥5,000.

Our staff is available from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays. As there are times when our staff may not be present, we recommend making a reservation in advance before visiting our space.

To access the reservation form, click here
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us using our contact form here.

Benefits of a Coworking Space

  • We offer a quiet, relaxed atmosphere for people who find it difficult to concentrate at home due to noise, space constrictions, or small children.
  • We create a collaborative environment where workers can work along side each others’ company and offer input whilst concentrating on their individual projects.
  • We bring together like-minded people who generate a stimulating environment to enhance and accelerate their own businesses.
  • We offer a space that can be used to study or prepare a project outside of one’s regular work place.

A Message from Hiroko, CEO of Osakan Space

オオサカンスペース 大崎弘子

Message from Osakan Space Founder Hiroko Osaki

Many people from around the world have become members of Osakan Space. Regardless of their English speaking ability, our members are warm and friendly. Please build strong connections with many members, including those in the same profession as you and those in completely different fields.

I believe that Osakan Space is an essential place in today’s world. I am delighted that we have created a space where people from diverse backgrounds can come together and exchange ideas and inspirations. For entrepreneurs and freelancers, a space like Osakan Space that fosters collaboration is more beneficial and efficient as a workplace compared to working from home or in cafes.

The Layout of our Space

Floor Map

Please feel free to choose your seat anywhere you like.

Co-working area

While doing your work you can enjoy spontaneous conversation and an exchange of ideas. This collaborative area is very popular with all our members and guests.

Dining area

You can have coffee, some snacks or a meal in this area. It is always filled with food, drink and souvenirs. It has a lively atmosphere which can stimulate discussion.

Access to Osakan Space

Address:Taiga building 10F 3 Chome-6-2 Bingomachi Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
Google Map

Here is the English translation:

  • 1-minute walk from Hommachi Station Exit 1 on the Midosuji Line
  • After exiting from Exit 1, turn around and look for the building where Seattle’s Best Coffee is located.
  • If you are coming from the direction of Umeda or Shin-Osaka, please ride in the rear of the train.
  • If you are taking a taxi, please tell the driver “the building across from Kita Midou on Midosuji street.”

Reviews −体験談−

Charles Gervais

Working at Osakan Space is the best way to enjoy Japan and Osaka! The staff is great, sign up is easy and the space has all of the amenities required for focused and enjoyable work or study! The Botchi Boxes allow you to have meetings without fear of disturbing anyone.

The diversity of people working at Osakan Space ensures you’ll meet both Japanese and people from all over the world. There are frequent events that allow you to peek into Japanese culture and make new friends!

Osakan Space is located in Hommachi, surrounded by impressive skyscrapers and temples. Scouting for a place to get lunch is always an adventure and you’ll run out of time before you can try all of the restaurants around the coworking space.

Working at Osakan Space was for sure a major highlight of my two months in Osaka!

Ken Hu

I’ve recently spent 3 months in Osaka, travelling and working. What may have been a distant, tourist experience became much more intimate and inspiring. My secret? A coworking space named Osakan Space.

Started by local entrepreneur Ms. Osaki (Osaki-san), it is a casual coworking space, housing more than 100 members. It offers a number of equipment and amenities including high-speed WiFi, 3D printers, couches, quiet spaces, staff assistance, even their very own Google Glass. While most members are in the tech industry, it is not exclusive. Photographers, researchers, even mangakas are found in Osakan Space, providing a diverse and creative atmosphere. There is even a resident ninja!

An Osaka native, Osaki-san has dedicated herself to promote local startups and businesses. Beyond a coworking space, Osakan Space also housed local startup events, including Startup Weekend and Shoot from Osaka(n). She took great efforts to foster a culture beyond mere acquaintanceship. Besides sharing work spaces, most members often spend lunch and off-work hours together. I was invited to events including table tennis meets, takoyaki parties, oden and nabe dinners. Along with daily self-introductions and status updates, we celebrated each others’ successes and supported each others’ challenges.

While Osaki-san is undoubtedly the heart of Osakan Space, the members share her spirit and actualize her vision. You can easily find successful and aspiring entrepreneurs sitting next to you. Many local startups, including MyISBN and Mimimiru, were born from Osakan Space. Members are also welcome to organize their own relevant events. During my stay, I’ve attended Scalar study group and tech demo day organized by the members. Surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs, it is hard not to be inspired.

A few months ago, I wrote about my Krash family in Boston. I am happy to share that I recently found myself another family in Osaka.

Colin Watson

If you’re considering working from Japan, either remotely or independently, then you’ve already begun to step outside your comfort zone. You’re unlike the majority. You’re adventurous. Well done!

If you’re up for the next two challenges, which involves dispelling some myths, your life will be changed even more.

While it is generally true in Japan that ‘the nail which sticks out, gets hammered,’ you can also thrive by being different. You will meet, and learn from, other people who are different from what the world demands them to be.

The second myth is ‘you can’t choose your family.’ Yes, you can.

At Osakan Space you will meet, mingle, share ideas & thoughts with, share food with, nurture and be nurtured by, laugh and cry with, some of the loveliest, kindest, intelligent folks I have had the immense pleasure of knowing.

They will surprise you, exceed your expectations, look past your struggling language skills, laugh at your foreign jokes, look puzzled by your sometimes unique way of looking at life, and open their hearts to you.

If you allow yourself to be open and allow everyone else at Osakan Space into your life, you will become part of their family, and they yours.

Make sure you take advantage of this thrilling and learning experience—and try coworking at Osakan Space!

P.S. For information on what it means to develop a Fictive Kinship
( or perhaps a better term might be Nurture Kinship (

There’s so much more to the experience.