Charles Gervais-Dumont(チャールズ)

Working at Osakan Space is the best way to enjoy Japan and Osaka! The staff is great, sign up is easy and the space has all of the amenities required for focused and enjoyable work or study! The Botchi Boxes allow you to have meetings without fear of disturbing anyone.

The diversity of people working at Osakan Space ensures you’ll meet both Japanese and people from all over the world. There are frequent events that allow you to peek into Japanese culture and make new friends!

Osakan Space is located in Hommachi, surrounded by impressive skyscrapers and temples. Scouting for a place to get lunch is always an adventure and you’ll run out of time before you can try all of the restaurants around the coworking space.

Working at Osakan Space was for sure a major highlight of my two months in Osaka!