When I moved to Japan, I was just looking for a place that gives me a place with consistent Wi-Fi and electricity that allows me to work remotely with our America headquarter and international offices. I used to hop across cafès in the Osaka area. But I quickly found out that they are too distracting with all the customers coming in and out. Moreover, I don’t feel secure leaving my bags and computers during breaks.  I came across Osakan Space, not only it was the kind of safe workspace I was looking for, it provided much more than I expected.


The airy open space is very comfortable and encourages communications between members, something that I was used to in the States. The members and staff are professionals from different fields and are all very friendly and are trying to  be helpful, even though I don’t speak much Japanese.
They also provide lockers, printer, monitors, copy machine, etc…everything you can think of to get work done, it’s there. It’s an environment which I feel welcomed and be productive. I would not hesitate to recommend Osakan Space to any travelers working in Osaka!