Do you want to work in a productive, social, and collaborative environment? If so, Osakan Space is the place to be!

I’m a ten-year veteran of using co-working spaces in Toronto. I spent three weeks at Osakan Space in December 2016. I’ve never felt more welcome and productive at a co-working space than I did at Osakan Space!
You’ll experience more than just a fast Internet connection at Osaka Space. The staff and community will welcome you with a curiosity, thoughtfulness, and friendliness that will immediately make you feel like you’re part of a small family of creative and innovative professionals.

You don’t have to worry about speaking Japanese at Osakan Space. Their staff are fluent enough to communicate in English, and some members can speak with perfect fluency.

I miss the staff and new friends I made in Osakan Space. I hope to go there again someday soon!