Joseph Pallamidessi

Osakan Space really is a superb co-working space in Osaka very welcoming with foreigners. Very friendly staff that even help you with the small subtlety of living in Japan if you ask nicely[1] !
The staff speak some English and when in need sometime other workers give you a hand !

The space itself is big and luminous, with every amenities you could ask for in a co-working: small snack, coffee, screens, printers, etc…For a more than reasonable price.
They also hold various social events in and outside the space, but it rarely cause trouble if you just want to dig in your work (like around lunch and dinner)
For monthly members it’s open from 8 to midnight except on Sundays.
For example, I end up with many many one yen coin after spending 3 month in Japan, and Osaki-san, the owner, made a donation with the coin I wanted to get rid of. Thank again !

オオサカン は本当に素晴らしいコワーキング スペースで、外国からの利用者を快くむかえてくれます。何か尋ねたら、とてもフレンドリーなスタッフが日本の生活での些細な事までアドバイスをくれます。(例は〔1〕で紹介しています)